Training Paw Options:

  • 10 -Paw - Three weeks - Three weekly - 30 min Sessions

  • 8-Paw - Two weeks - Four weekly 1-hour sessions

  • 16-Paw - Four weeks - Four weekly 1-hour sessions

  • 24-Paw - Six weeks - Four weekly 1-hour sessions

    (Holidays do not count against just extends)


We believe that every dog, regardless of age or motivation, can embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth. That’s why our training program is designed to be as versatile as your furry companion.

We understand that each dog is unique, with their specific learning pace and individual needs. Our commitment is to work closely with you to craft a personalized training course that caters to your dog’s requirements.
Whether you’re starting with a puppy eager to explore the world, an older dog looking to refine their skills, or a dog with behavioral challenges, we’re here to guide you, including those with aggressive or problematic behaviors. Schedule a Services Inquiry to determine which works best for you!

Is your dog?

  • Reactive and/or Aggressive

  • Guarding food/toys/people/areas

  • Engaging in nipping, biting, chewing, or ripping clothes

  • Exhibiting new raw puppy or dog behavior

  • Struggling with jumping, counter surfing, or lacking house mannerisms.

  • Destructive chewing or digging habits

  • Challenges in introducing a new pet to the household

  • Unexplained changes in behavior or mood

  • Chronic attention-seeking behaviors

  • Coping with recent life changes or transitions

  • Overly excited or hyperactive behavior

  • Potty training struggles

  • Leash pulling or unruly behavior on walks

  • Difficulty in forming a strong bond with your pet

  • Aggression towards other animals

  • Fearful or timid demeanor in new environments

    Not quite ready for a group setting? Discover personalized solutions for instant relief.
    If you are grappling with Severe Separation Anxiety, we strongly recommend consulting with a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer for specialized assistance.

Training Options:

You have the flexibility to choose the training option that suits you, your dog, and your goals.

For busy owners seeking effective training without the time-intensive commitment!

Option 1

Isolated Cues:


One 30-minute virtual consultation (included with package)

Three - 30-minute sessions x 3 weeks

One -Owner Focused Session at the end

For Isolated Cues: Tailored for all clients, this program offers a series of three weekly sessions, each lasting 30 minutes, over a 3-week period. Specifically crafted to tackle a challenging behavior and strengthen communication between you and your furry companion. Through targeted sessions, we work closely with your dog to build a strong response to a specific desired behavior, using a comprehensive positive based approach. In this personalized training experience, your dog will receive focused attention and guidance from the trainer during the initial sessions. Meanwhile, we'll provide you, the owner, with educational information, sharing insights on creating an enriching environment and offering step-by-step guidance to ensure the success of the training at your home. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend. Join us on this focused journey, where we bring the training directly to you, unlocking the potential for improved communication and understanding.

  • Customized 3-Week Program:

    • Three 30-minute in-person sessions per week, dedicated to honing key cues such as loose leash walking, meet and greets, and muzzle training. We will isolate your touble issue and help your canine companion learn with homework to stage the enrichment and management scene.

  • Virtual Consultation:

    • Kickstart your journey with a 30-minute virtual consultation. We will assess your unique needs and challenges, tailoring the program to address your specific concerns.

  • Positive Reinforcement (r+):

    • Immerse your dog in training founded on positive reinforcement principles, fostering a delightful and impactful learning atmosphere.

  • Comprehensive Approach - L.E.G.S. Model Integration

    • Experience a comprehensive training approach that seamlessly integrates scientific principles with holistic strategies. Our training considers the dog's learning, environment, genetics, and Self, fostering a well-rounded and effective learning experience

The Journey:

  • Virtual Consultation:

    • Identify challenges, set goals, and tailor the training plan during a 30-minute virtual consultation.

  • Weeks 1-3:

    • Trainer-led sessions with your dog, targeting a specific cue for improvement.

  • Week 4: Owner Focused Session

    • Culmination of the in-person sessions with a comprehensive hour-long session. The trainer guides you in reinforcing and maintaining the isolated behavior effectively.

Why Isolated Cues?

This is designed to cater to the busy lifestyles of pet owners who may struggle to dedicate consistent time for the necessary repetitions in training. This program strategically targets one specific behavior, allowing owners to meet their dogs halfway in understanding and addressing their needs. By honing in on a singular behavior, we provide a focused and efficient solution, empowering owners to grasp the essentials of canine communication and behavior, fostering a harmonious relationship with their pets

Personalized Attention:

Benefit from a program tailored to your dog's unique needs and your training goals.

Effective Training Methods:

Utilizing positive reinforcement, scientific principles, and holistic strategies for lasting behavioral improvements.

Empowerment Through Knowledge:

Empowerment Through Knowledge: Learn to reinforce cues and foster a harmonious relationship with your dog.

Join us on this transformative journey with Isolated Cues— a unique approach of blending scientific principles with holistic strategies to canine coaching. Elevate your dog's well-being and strengthen the bond you share. Click here to schedule a service inquiry, taking the first step. Alternatively, scroll to the bottom to pay, schedule the virtual consultation, and enroll – your furry friend's transformation awaits!

Option 2

Tiered Training Paws:

How it works:

1. Technique!

  • A 60-min Consultation!

2. Follow-Through!

  • We come to you to train!

  • 1-hr Sessions 3x per week

  • 2-weeks - 6-Sessions

  • 4-weeks - 12-Sessions

  • 6-Weeks- 18-Sessions

3. Growth!

  • 1 -hour Owner Focused Session at the end of each week to teach you how to reinforce.

8/16/24 Paw Tier Options:


Consultation: 60 minutes (Included with each package)

All sessions are one hour in duration.

Our consultations are not how other trainers use them.

Our expert trainer will personally visit your home three times a week, dedicating an hour to work directly with your dog. Each session follows a meticulously crafted behavior plan derived from our initial consultation, ensuring a targeted and effective training strategy. These options work through basic to advanced training. Is your dog not ready to learn cues these are perfect for those who need help understanding how to live within our world.

The journey starts with a crucial step – scheduling a Services Inquiry.

Flexible Options to Suit Your Needs

Choose from our 2, 4, or 6-week program options based on your pet's unique requirements. This flexibility empowers you to tailor the training duration to your dog's individual progress. These Sessions work on foundation to advanced cues, addresses behavior problems like aggression and food/toy/people guarding and more.

If you're tackling issues like loose leash walking or introducing your dog to a muzzle, explore Option 1's Isolated Cues for a focused solution.

Comprehensive Approach - L.E.G.S. Model Integration

Immerse your dog in positive reinforcement principles, creating an environment that makes learning delightful and impactful. Our training approach goes beyond conventional methods by seamlessly integrating the L.E.G.S. Model – considering Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self. This holistic perspective ensures a well-rounded and effective learning experience.

Owner-Centric Focus

In addition to the in-depth training with your dog, our program includes a valuable one-hour Owner Focused Session. During this session, you'll receive personalized guidance, discuss progress, and gain insights to reinforce the training plan effectively.

Empowering Owners - Meeting their Pets Needs

We believe in hands-on learning. As part of the process, you'll receive homework to manage your home environment and establish enriching routines that meet your pet's unique needs. Our goal is not just to train your dog but to empower you with the skills to create a fulfilling life for your furry friend.

Management vs Training: We break down all the essential factors for success, distinguishing between management and training strategies. We'll teach you how to establish a safe & effective training environment, both you and your dog will receive the attention and support necessary to achieve success.

Your commitment will determine how we navigate this well-trodden path!"

Schedule a Services Inquiry to discover how we can assist you on your journey!

Our Approach:

Our training goes beyond dogs; it's about empowering both dogs and their pet parents to thrive together. We are dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to maintain consistent training and build a harmonious partnership with your canine companion. We won't subject your dog to any form of shock, pinch, or slip lead choking as we understand that suppressing the dogs' instincts only makes the problem worse in the long run.

Embark on a journey with us to unlock your dog's full potential and create a brighter, more fulfilling life with your furry friend.

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