Book A Services Inquiry with Youngs Dog Training

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This map illustrates the radius of the area we cover for our services.

Note anything over 30 miles will incur a travel fee ($0.50 cents per mile.)

We will not travel to a client that lives over 90 minutes from us for our Services Inquiry and Owner fFocused Services.

We will travel across the United States for our Board and Train service!

Our Mileage rates are different based on distance!

What is a Service Inquiry?

Our Services Inquiry is a concise and informative 30-minute session where we discuss our offerings and evaluate whether our services can address the unique needs of you and your canine companion/s. This is what other trainers may refer to as an initial consult, our inquiry is distinct in that it aims to provide a clear overview. This session is designed to assist you in assessing whether we would be an ideal fit for you and your furry companion.