Comprehensive Puppy Training

We service the Greater St Louis Area to Wentzville. We offer travel across state and nationwide.

Ages : Suitable for puppies 6 months- 12 months

Duration Options: Choose from 15, 21, or 30-day programs

Why Choose Our Program:

Our Comprehensive Puppy Training program follows a holistic science-based positive methodology, effective training for both you and your puppy. As a Licensed Certified Family Dog Mediator, I emphasize the importance of understanding who our dogs are, their shared history with humans, and the natural laws that influence their behavior. The prevalence of “behavior problems” among pet dogs signals deeper issues that can be addressed through addressing who the dog is in front of you, not just training. Our program is split into two parts. The dog side and the Owner Side. Click here to schedule a services Inquiry

Program Focus and Duration:

Our program is thoughtfully designed for puppies that are in a critical stage in their development. We offer flexible durations of 15, 21, 30 or a custom # of days to ensure your puppy receives the right guidance during this formative period. Understanding what your end goals are will allow us to work with you to put together a training plan that fits with what you are needing. Understanding the unique challenges and opportunities that come with this age group, paired with your goals we can tailor a program to meet the individual needs of your puppy. We recognize that every puppy is unique, which means customizing a plan based on your puppy’s temperament and your specific training goals will ensure a satisfactory program.

While your puppy is with us we have put together an extensive bit of resources and information to help you understand how to set up your home for success, provide a sense of understanding on what enrichment truly is, and how to meet your dogs needs along with so much more!

A Holistic Approach:

We take pride in our compassionate and effective training methods. We firmly believe in a science-based positive approach and never resort to harsh or outdated techniques like pinch collars, shock collars, or slip leads. Instead, we prioritize a comprehensive and humane approach, recognizing that dogs are part of a natural system guided by their genetics.

Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self (L.E.G.S.).

‘Behavior problems’ indicate imbalances in these elements, and our training focuses on addressing these imbalances while prioritizing your puppy’s well-being. Training alone may not address the root cause and can even cause psychological and emotional harm.

Unlocking Clarity and Relief:

If you’ve tried multiple dog trainers or methods without success, it’s essential to recognize that “dog training” often misses the point. It’s not about coercion or control; it’s about meeting your dog where they are, understanding their unique recipe of interacting L.E.G.S., and acknowledging their contribution to the relationship. As Karen Overall States Balanced trainers miss a c

Nature and Nurture:

Dogs are biological animals influenced by both Nature and Nurture. It’s not solely genetics or upbringing—it’s a complex interplay of elements. Controlled breeding and captivity have disrupted this balance, leading to “behavior problems” in modern day pet dogs.

By choosing our Puppy Training program, you’re investing in a well-rounded, confident, and harmonious relationship with your puppy. We provide the knowledge and resources you need to make a customized difference in your dog’s life, and we also teach you how to reinforce what is taught, further strengthening the bond between you and your furry companion.

Throughout the process we prioritize equipping you, as a responsible pet parent, with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively pick up and build onto where we left off.

Your puppy’s success is our top priority, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.

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During the training process your dog becomes a cherished member of our home, experiencing an immersive training journey. In unattended moments, they enjoy a secure space within an x-pen or wire crate, prioritizing both safety and comfort. Supervised access to various areas of our home enhances the learning journey, helping your dog adapt and thrive in different living spaces.

Vaccination Shot Requirements:

Puppies 8 weeks and older) Must have received their first set of series within a week prior to starting.

Puppies (4 months and older) Rabies not required until 6 months (state law), Bordetella, and two of the puppy series.

Puppies 6 months and older) Must have Rabies, Boredetella, Distemper, Parvo.. Flea and Tick plus any other vet recommended shots


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