Training Packages:

Starts With

  • Consultation - 90-min implementation session.

    Follow-up options

  • 1-Paw - Single 1-hour Follow-up session.

  • 4-Paw - Four 1-hour follow-up sessions.

  • 6-Paw - Six 1-hour follow-up sessions.

  • 12-Paw -Twelve 1-hour follow-up sessions.

The suggested timeframe above, which includes completing sessions within six months, can be adjusted based on the severity of your pet's behavior and the time needed for learning. However, please be aware that un-booked sessions beyond the planned timeframe, without prior notice, may be forfeited, as the nature of your dog's behavior could potentially worsen over time. In such cases, a revised and reassessed plan may require the purchase of a new consultation. Refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional information.

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We believe that every dog, regardless of age or motivation, can embark on a transformative journey of learning and growth. That’s why our training program is designed to be as versatile as your furry companion.

We understand that each dog is unique, with their specific learning pace and individual needs. Our commitment is to work closely with you to craft a personalized training course that caters to your dog’s requirements.
Whether you’re starting with a puppy eager to explore the world, an older dog looking to refine their skills, or a dog with behavioral challenges, we’re here to guide you, including those with aggressive or problematic behaviors.

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Is your dog?

  • Reactive and/or Aggressive

  • Guarding food/toys/people/areas

  • Engaging in nipping, biting, chewing, or ripping clothes

  • Destructive chewing or digging habits

  • Challenges in introducing a new pet to the household

  • Unexplained changes in behavior or mood

  • Chronic attention-seeking behaviors

  • Coping with recent life changes or transitions

  • Overly excited or hyperactive behavior

  • Fearful or timid demeanor in new environments

  • Barking or nipping at people or dogs during walks

  • Difficulty in forming a strong bond with your pet

  • Aggression towards other animals

  • Muzzle Training

  • Impulsive

  • Selective-hearing

  • Hard to Motivate

  • Prey-driven.

  • Easily distracted.

Not quite ready for a group setting? Discover personalized solutions.

If you are grappling with Severe Separation Anxiety, we strongly recommend consulting with a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer for specialized assistance. Note: Only a Vet can diagnose this.

Owner Focused Consultation:

Our consultation is not how other trainers use them.

Duration: 90-Minutes

Owner Focused Consult: Our single consultation is designed to assess your relationship dynamics and enhance your communication with your canine companion. In this individualized training, we collaborate closely with both you and your dog, working together to identify and address points of miscommunication.

We will conduct a thorough assessment to pinpoint areas of concern, acting as skilled "exterminators" to eliminate any "termites" that may have infested your training approach. Our primary aim is to guide you effectively, providing insights and strategies to get you back on track.

Together, you and your dog will learn how to engage in a supportive learning environment, fostering a consistent training approach and strengthening the bond between you two. It's not uncommon to discover that there's more to the puzzle than initially realized and are here to help you navigate and fill in those missing pieces.

Our consultation is the first step for dogs dealing with behavioral challenges and having a difficult time adapting to our environment. This initial session sets the foundation for a personalized training plan, specifically tailored to address your dog's unique needs and align with your training goals. Here we will address your dog's needs, their genetic components, their history of learning, assessing enrichment within their environment among many other things.

At this stage, our commitment is to provide you with specialized guidance that leverages valuable expertise. We understand the challenges that come with reactive and aggressive behaviors, among basic raw behavior, and our commitment is helping you navigate and overcome them.

It's important to note that our approach extends beyond working solely with your dog; our goal is to educate you, adjusting the lens through which we perceive our canine counterparts.

It's important to recognize that the training journey may reveal more complexities than initially anticipated. What may seem like a straightforward concern could be part of a broader puzzle. While a single consult is a valuable starting point, it often serves as a doorway to the recognition that a more comprehensive guided training plan may be beneficial. Consider selecting one of our packaged options if you feel like you might fall under this scope. Think of it as an opportunity to bring all the puzzle pieces to the table, allowing us to learn how to peer through the lens of L.E.G.S creating a comprehensive training plan that aligns with your goals and your dog's unique needs.

Our consultation is beneficial for clients that may just need a nudge and push in the right direction but if your dog is struggling with basic leash pulling or you are wanting to begin building a foundation in cues consider looking at our Pathway to Manners service.

The Owner Focused Consultation is not merely a starting point; it's a pivotal opportunity for us to comprehensively understand your dog's behavior and collaboratively develop a training plan that ensures a positive and lasting transformation. Our ultimate focus is to teach you the nuts and bolts behind the training, empowering you to press forward with confidence on your training journey.

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Packaged Follow-up Sessions:


Follow-up Sessions 1-hour

Multi- Sessions: Dependent on both the client and their pet's needs. Sessions work around teaching the client how to work with their pet and assessing the needs of the pet during the process.

The journey starts with a crucial step - the first session is a 90-min Owner Focused Consultation. Based on the plan and your area of comfort and need for guidance will determine the need for follow-up sessions.

The sessions that follow in the packages are an hour long and tear through the nuts and bolts of the Enrichment/Management plan developed from the initial ninety-minute consult. We break down every aspect and work through it at a stage where your dog is capable of handling the information and you are comfortable applying the knowledge learned.

Management vs Training: We break down all the essential factors for success, distinguishing between management and training strategies. We'll teach you how to establish a safe & effective training environment, both you and your dog will receive the attention and support necessary to achieve success.

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How it works:

1. Technique!

  • A 90-min Consultation!

  • Breakdown of methodology

  • Developing a Plan of Action

  • Focusing on educating you

2. Follow-Through!

  • Follow-up Sessions

  • Single, 4-Paw, 6-Paw, 12-Paw

  • Targeted coaching and constructive feedback to refine and address specific challenges.

3. Growth!

  • Maintenance for Long-Term Success.

  • 6-Paw & 12-Paw

Single & 4-Paw

  • One or Four 60-min Sessions

  • Confidential Video Playback recording

  • Handouts w/worksheet


  • Six 60-min Sessions

  • Confidential Video Playback recording

  • Handouts w/worksheet

  • 3 -15-min virtual or phone Check-ins in-between sessions

  • Two 45-min maintenance sessions to touch up months after


  • Twelve 60-min Sessions

  • Video Playback recording

  • Handouts w/worksheet

  • 6 -15-min virtual or phone Check-ins in-between sessions

  • Two 45-min maintenance sessions to touch up months after

Your commitment will determine how we navigate this well-trodden path!"

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Our Approach:

Our training goes beyond dogs; it's about empowering both dogs and their pet parents to thrive together. We are dedicated to equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to maintain consistent training and build a harmonious partnership with your canine companion. We won't subject your dog to any form of shock, pinch, or slip lead as we understand that suppressing the dogs' instincts only makes the problem worse in the long run.

Embark on a journey with us to unlock your dog's full potential and create a brighter, more fulfilling life with your furry friend.

Who falls within the radius of our travel?

If your location is not highlighted on the map, please note that Chesterfield, MO, serves as our central point for distance calculations. The map outlines the primary areas we cover.

No travel fee applies to those within a 30-mile radius of Chesterfield, MO. For clients residing outside this radius, an additional mileage fee of $0.50 per mile will be added. We do make exceptions for clients not highlighted on the map. Feel free to reach out if you are interested in our services!